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Easily purchase individual items and have them delivered to directly to you! Simply fill out the form, include your contact information, list the items you wish to purchase, choose your location on the map and place your order!
Easily purchase items in bulk from our list of wholesale partners and have them delivered directly to you! Our process is extremely simple and easy. Just select a store , choose the items you wish to have and place your order!
How does it work? Shopping is personal, we know it. You have your favourite type, your favourite look and your favourite feel. This is why we go in-store and try to handle things ourselves. But what if you can count on someone to give you what you like, and how you like it?

After placing your order, someone from our team will confirm your items, guide you through the payment process and we'll have your items dispatched and delivered to you in no time! and just how you like them. No calls required unless necessary, not even for directions! Save time and let us do the heavy lifting!